Sunday, May 30, 2010


For two years now I have been best friends with Asian students, specifically Koreans, and have wanted nothing more than to go to Korea.

However, once I went to Brazil for Missions Reality, that completely changed, I feel in love with the people of Brazil.

And it gets worse...

This year through Word Of Life there is a new Internship Discipleship Program. It allows you to go to other countries, learn to be a missionary, study with Liberty Online (within three semesters I would have my Bachelors in Religion), and be actively involved in the ministry going on there!

Sweet, eh?

Well, I thought so too, and both Brazil AND Korea were some of the countries offered.

The problem with that is, they are both great countries, both great ministries, and both God glorifying (done in the heart heart motives)!

I applied to I/M IDP (International Ministry Internship Discipleship Program), and I will know the outcome by Monday!

Pray that I get accepted, and pray that I get the Country that God wants me in!

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