Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brazil: Friday-Saturday

Friday was a sad day, it was the one when we left...
It started off well, we had a missionary panel,
where we could ask questions of the missionaries.
But we all knew the inevitable was coming...

After about an hour and a half we all had to say good bye.
It was tough.
Levi was one of the translators, and now a good friend of mine.

Fernanda was also a translator, although her English wasn't as good. But we are good friends too!

Abraham actually only spoke a little English. More than I spoke Portuguese. Even though we don't speak the same language, that didn't stop us from becoming friends!

This is us all leaving. It was ridiculous picture time. We are all happy looking, but we are all sad...

The trip from Palavra De Vida to Brazil to Word Of Life New York took a bus ride, two plane rides, and a car ride to get there. The whole Trip took about 30 hours...

It was sad.

But just like Frosty, I'll be back again one day!

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