Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Next Step

After two years, the thought of leaving the life that I started here, behind, is intimidating. But I know that the Lord has more planned for me, and I am excited!

Summer camp ended on Saturday, the 21st, and we graduated (At Word Of Life you graduate both first AND second year) and everyone went home.

A group of about 20 of us stayed behind though. We are now known as Missionary Interns. Our Official term is I/M IDP (International Ministry Internship Discipleship Program), but we wanted to stay away from acronyms. So we are now known as Missionary Interns.

We have been spending the time learning how to raise support, right and wrong ways to approach people, and getting all set up with Liberty University Online. It has been tough, having come RIGHT out of summer camp, but it is also really fun!

I will be leaving for home tomorrow morning, and will spend the next four months studying, raising support, studying Portuguese with Rosetta Stone, working, and getting involved with my church.

The next couple months will be intense, long, and potentially draining, but God has promised to be with me! (Psalms 37.5)

If you are interested in more information, let me know. I will be getting more out there, but let me know if you want anymore information!

A Year in Review

It started with a bunch of goons,

In one Dorm,

What could possibly go wrong?

Well two holes in the wall, many fights, broken dreams, crushed spirits, trying times, joyful occasions, and a formed brotherhood later, we can all reflect on the past year.

There it is, one year in quick photographic review. Word Of Life Bible Institute says that it is "One Year that will change your life." Well after TWO years, I can agree that there is nothing that would have prepared me like WOLBI. It may have been intense, hard, exciting, trying, amazing, discouraging, and difficult. But there is nothing I would have rather done then spent two years in the Word of God.

And now I am off to Brazil!

God is good!