Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brazil: Saturday

(School is winding down, and consequently, it is getting more and more hectic, especially trying to write down all my thoughts from Brazil!)

The first day that we were really there, we got the great opportunity to visit a place translated to Creative Hands. It is an organization the reaches out to kids that live with their families in the landfill. The landfill is where all the trash goes, from there it is organized, and disposed of. But the families that live there make houses out of whatever left over pieces of scraps they can find, and that is what they call home. Much below poverty level here in the states.

It was an amazing opportunity just to love on these kids, but it was also heartbreaking to see how little they had!
But you know what? Even with as little that they had, they were content!
Seeing them run around with nothing, and still having smiles on their faces, it humbled me. I mean I complain when I don't like the meal served here at school. Or when Facebook won't run as a fast as I like.

I am so selfish!

It truly was a humbling experience!

This is a home of one of the families, they have a new baby, Matthew, he was only two weeks old!

This is what the homes of many of the people looked like, who in America lives like this?!

This is us walking through the streets of the landfill, talk about Gringo parade.

One of the games that we prepared to play with the kids. This is Hudson, he never left my shoulders the whole day.

We played dodge ball with the kids. It was a little different then ours, and because of the language barrier, all of us American's had to catch on by watching.

There is that little rascal, Hudson, he walked into the room, hit me, and ran off. He was a little trouble maker, but he just wanted attention. And when you gave it to him, he loved you like no other!

I learned a lot about God's love that day. How it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, or the color of your skin. God loves you, and desires a personal relationship with each one of us! I would love to go back one day and help out with the ministry there!

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