Friday, May 14, 2010

Brazil: Sunday

Sunday was a more chill day than was Saturday. It was spent well though!
We went to a modest church, and actually got to run the whole service ourselves.

We had all previously broken up into three groups, children, teens, and adults. I was in the teen group. It was nice, there was a small, but decent number of teens at the church. We shared a testimony, our drama (The "Everything Skit"), and then Greg Sheridan, one of my teammates, shared from the word. It was nice.

(This is a group picture of our whole group)

After that we all went back to the BI to hang out for the afternoon, during that time, I explored the Amazon.

I found this tree house, my new home.

That night we went to another church, it was a bigger one, one that was in the city, Belem. It was really cool because they had a huge sign language ministry. There are about 2000 people in the Belem area that are deaf, and this church actively pursued reaching them!

That night, we got to eat out. I wanted to try something Brazilian, or at least Arab, but people screamed out Pizza Hut, and to be honest it was the only place big enough for all of us. So we went to Pizza Hut... In Brazil.
But it was cool cause I got to try a Brazilian pizza. I forget the name, but this is what it looked like.

It looks gross, and may even sound it, it had shrimp, this Brazilian leaf, and some sauce. The leaf would make your tongue go numb, or partially, but it was really good!

A night well spent.

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