Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fund The Nations

I recently heard of a website, Fund The Nations, that will make T Shirts for you. Not only that, but the give you the TOTAL upfront cost for each T Shirt (the process to make the T Shirt, the T Shirt cost, shipping, all of it) and then they give you a suggested amount for how much you should sell them for. Usually the upfront cost is around $6-$9, and they say that you should sell them for about $20.

Now that isn't what they tell us to sell them for, only a suggestion, and here is why, Gap, with their Product (red) shirts sell for about $28-$30. The shirts are simple, and costs very little to make. But people buy the shirts because they know what they are helping with when they buy them.

Product (red) is there to help fight Aids, which is a good thing. But how much better is it if we can fight back Satan? The people that I could be reaching may have no idea who Jesus is, or what He has done for them. But when I go in there I can start sharing the Good News (which is what it is ALL about!) and save lives for ETERNITY, not just here on Earth!

I am not saying that by buying a shirt will help save someone eternally, but I am saying that it can make a difference. Not only that, but you get a cool shirt out of it! And who knows, the shirt that you wear could lead to people asking about what it is, opening up a conversation that could potentially lead to THEIR salvation!

Now this does all sound a little far fetched, but anything is possible in God's kingdom. And who are we to out think Him?!

Here are the two designs that they gave me,

If you are interested in buying a shirt let me know! They come in any size that you need, so just let me know and I will take down the order. I don't send in the order until I have all the money. I will keep selling them for a while, until I can send in the money to Fund The Nations.

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  1. I will pray for this fundraising opportunity. I know God will bless it & you as you follow Him.