Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another February Day

I woke up this morning, and opened my shades. I was not expecting what I saw. More snow. I don't know why that was such a revelation, it has been a stormy winter, and yet, part of my heart died.
As I looked outside, and as I walk around I often think about Brazil, and how I will soon be there. I will be about 4-5 hours from the equator, so as you can imagine, long sleeve shirts will make me sweat. But I am really looking forward to it in the light of the present Maine weather!

But as I imagine my future, I can sometimes get caught up in living in the future, which is never what God wants! God has my steps planned right where I am at for a specific reason! I can't be going around living in the future, missing the opportunities God has planned for the present!
One example of this is a friend from work. He and I went to eat at The Purple Cow (no this isn't shameless advertisement. I feel no shame. Haha), and during that time we were able to be real, and open up with each other. Because of this, he was able to leave that meal with a beautiful eternity in front of him, even if the present circumstances were less than beautiful.

But that is what it is all about, there are only two things that are eternal, God's Word, and the souls of men! Beating the high score of some game, owning the nicest car, getting good grades- news flash- those things are ultimately USELESS! Not that they are bad, and not that God condemns those things, but if we aren't walking closer to God everyday, that day is wasted!
In the words of Martin Luther the great reformer "If I don't spend four to five hours of prayer a day, it has been wasted."
Think about that! We don't often spend four to five hours a day doing anything! Sleep would be one area, but we are a "go-go-go" generation with instant results expected!

I think that the whole point of God making me reflect on this is to get me to slow down. I have my plans, I have my hopes, I have my ambitions, but God has it ALL planned out! Jeremiah 29.11! How amazing is that? We don't have to worry about ANYTHING!

As much as I want to be in Brazil now, I know that God has things planned out and that He has specific plans for me in these next few weeks. I am not sure when I will be shipping out to Brazil, but it is looking like March. The visa process is slightly overwhelming. But again, God has it ALL!

My third support letter with updated information will be coming soon!

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  1. I always see in you the humble patience of a man of God, even when you don't quite see it. God bless Andrew!