Monday, April 26, 2010

The Goose

It all started a year ago. Who knew one silly goose could cause so many problems.

Origin of the Goose: Coming back to school January 2009 I got three new roommates. It was one of these said roommates that, when out with friends, stole the Goose from his original home. As to where it actually started, I do not know.

Once stolen, the Goose sat on the dooryard of my dorm, Portugal, right next to a "To the dumps" sign, pointing at my dorm. Some one from another cabin soon placed the Goose at the top of Portugal roof. From there the Chalets stole it! The chalets are a rival dorm. However, Kenya, an ally dorm, quickly stole it back.

That only fueled the chalets. The promptly stole it from us again. Hungary, also a rival dorm, stole it from the chalets. Together, they formed a team, Kenya hill (dorms on Kenya hill) also formed an alliance.

War ensued.

And Kenya was victorious, last years owners even holding onto it and passing it onto this years Kenyans.

Until I arrived.

Together, with two girls and another guy, we got into Kenya (don't ask how), and retrieved the Goose.

We were so effective at getting the Goose, it took Kenya a couple days to even realize the Goose was gone.

Now you might say, weren't you part of Kenya Hill last year? And you would be correct. Last year. This year I am in Hungary, and all the rules changed. No longer would Kenya be able to be the sole owner, or owner at all. The Goose has freedom too, thus, The Goose Liberation Squad was formed.

Things went well.

But the Goose Squad was unhappy.

This motley crew actually thought, that once Andrew Hoagland had hidden the Goose, they could find it. Of course they were not alone in the hunt. It seemed once the knowledge of the Goose's escape became public, everyone wanted it for themselves. Dissention became a common trait among old friends.

All for the Goose.

IDP (International Discipleship Program, also last years previous owners), Kenya, and others all tried to break into my room. Luckily Hungary upper responded promptly, and we always took care of them. Goose: protected.

After about a week, things got boring, to up the ante, and make things adventurous I talked to Morgan Garber and Naomi Elliot. Together they set up a Wild Goose Hunt, ironic, right?

Goose Hunt: It started well, Morgan and Naomi had everything set up, all the clues in place, a royal scavenger hunt was sure to take place. And boy, did one take place. What Morgan thought would take a couple days, was quickly cut down into a day and a half.

Not including the last clue. That one stumped everyone, including me. It took days to figure out. The clue was to the song "Sadis Hawkins Dance" by Relient K, but was rewritten in a very clever manner. A challenging manner.

But it only lasted for so long, together, with some friends, I was able to piece everything together, and the clue was solved. Before IDP and Kenya (who were working together)!

Everything was in place to get the Goose, the last clue was solved, and the person detaining the Goose was acquired.

But that wasn't it, the man, Jeff Lewis, assistant dean of men here at WOLBI (Word Of Life Bible Institute), hid the Goose. So no one, NO ONE, could find him.

Goose: On hiatus.

The Goose may not be possessed by any "side," but one day he will emerge, and until that day, I say to the Goose "Fly Free, you always were a wild one!"

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