Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sumer Update

I know that I had said before that I was going to do weekly updates, but that has proved to be impractical. So I am just going to update this when i have a chance, which admittedly is not that often. But I will do my best.

This summer so far has been intense, and amazing, stretching, and encouraging. It has been difficult, unbelievable, demanding, and ridiculous. But the whole time, I allowed God to work. I was weak, so God may be strong. 2 Corinthians 12.9-10

I was a counselor last summer, but I really believe that God has a lot for me to learn. I was reading in "My Utmost For His Highest" on July 11, and the part that really hit me was where Chambers said, "The Holy Spirit is determined that we will have the realization of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives, and He will bring us back to the same point over and over again until we do." I had to read the whole devotion multiple times, and it was only on the second read through that I got that part. But it is so true, and I really believe that is what God is doing in my life this summer.

At the beginning of each day, and we have EARLY morning, I always try to recommit my life to Christ. I tell God, "No longer am I living for myself, but I am living for You! Help me to keep my focus on You, and not myself! Help this summer to be ALL about YOU!" And you know what? God has used that!

This summer already I have had huge ministry opportunities! The first week of the summer I had campers that I had last year. It was a great way to start the summer, and I was able to really get past a lot of the walls that I couldn't before! I find that I am a lot more abrasive with my ministry techniques. Not in a bad way, but no longer do I hold back, I let my campers have it, I rip the walls down, get to the heart of the matter, won't stand when they lie to me, and I am good at telling when that happens! But all the way I love!

I am not a father yet, but I have a lot of the pressures that fathers have. I have had campers that had fathers in jail, that have died, that don't care about their kids, that abuse their sons, that ignore their needs. Then they come to camp, not knowing what love is, and it is my job to show them. It is a LOT of pressure, they are ALWAYS watching, but it is sobering, and helps me stay focused! This summer is NOT about me, it is about God, and what God can do through me!

Prayer is so powerful, and it is a NECESSITY, a HUGE tool, but a very much untapped one! I will admit, I do not pray as much as I should, my Quiet Time wans at times, but my focus is set. Set one the eyes of Christ and what He did for me on the cross. But I always pray when I get the chance, and I hope that you will pray for me as well! I need it, we, as a camp (The Island), need it, and we as a body of believers need to step up our game and start praying more!

I am still going to be going to Brazil in January, God willing, and I still need support for that. I will be there for a total of two years, and will be living off of support that I get from willing people allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them. I pray that you would all consider what you can help me with!

And again, I ask for prayers, there is warfare going on out here, most choose to ignore it, some don't see it, but I am in the front lines, as a counselor, me, and the other counselors, face it daily. We are a united front, so please pray for us!

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